B2B Payments with Zero Transaction Fees

Astrius allows you to instantly receive invoice payments and milestone deposits with 0% transaction fees.

B2B Payments with Zero Transaction Fees

Get Paid Instantly

You’ll never have to worry about getting your funds frozen by third party processors. Astrius sends every payment to your bank in less than 1 business day, and won’t ever hold on to your funds for longer than you’ve allowed.

Eliminate Transaction Fees

Astrius saves merchants up to 70% in payment processing costs by offering a subscription model with 0% transaction fees instead of a fixed 2-3% rate. You get to choose which methods to accept and can even white label them by uploading your own branding.

Improve Cash Flow

Stop waiting for clients to pay after your service has been delivered. With Astrius, you can easily divide-up your pricing across multiple payments or milestone deposits, allowing you to get paid sooner while eliminating the risk of clients who don’t pay.

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