B2B Payments with Zero Transaction Fees

Astrius allows you to instantly receive invoice payments and milestone deposits with 0% fees.

B2B Payments with Zero Transaction Fees

Eliminate Transaction Fees

Stop letting payment processors steal your hard-earned revenue. With Astrius, you can save up to 70% in processing costs by opting to pay a flat subscription with 0% transaction fees instead of a fixed 2.9% rate.

Get Paid Instantly

You’ll never have to worry about getting your funds frozen by another payment provider. Astrius sends every payment to your bank in less than 1 business day, and won’t ever hold on to your funds for longer than you’ve allowed.

Customize Your Workflow

Astrius gives you the ability to fully automate and white label your payments workflow. Easily setup recurring invoices, 50-50 splits, and milestone deposits to increase cashflow while eliminating the risk of clients who don't pay.

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