Risk-Free Vendor Payments

Astrius is a free escrow software that gives you complete buyer protection in every b2b transaction.

Risk-Free Vendor Payments

Eliminate Vendor Scams

You’ll never have to worry about getting burned by another freelancer, supplier, or agency ever again. Simply deposit the requested amount, and your funds will be safeguarded until the product or service has been fully delivered.

Amplify Cash Flow

Spread out your total spend across different project milestones, allowing you to manage vendor deliverables and begin projects sooner with less pressure on your bottom line.

Increase Accountability

Ever worked with an agency that guaranteed a certain ROI? Or a supplier that promised more than they could deliver? Astrius allows you to finally hold your vendors liable to these contract terms, leading to a higher quality product or service fulfilment.

How It Works

1. Buyer and Seller Agree to Terms

Describe your project's scope of work or simply upload your vendor's signed agreement to the Astrius dashboard. Then configure any additional project milestones or automations if you choose to do so prior to sending the escrow payment.

2. Payment is Secured in an Escrow


After making the payment, your funds are deposited into our zero-fee escrow platform until your vendor has finished delivering their product or service.  They’ll be notified directly via email about your deposit and contract details without the hassle of signing up before-hand. 

3. Funds are Released to the Seller

Once you've confirmed that the vendor has successfully delivered your purchase, the escrow funds will be transferred into their bank account. If they failed to deliver according to your agreed upon terms, then a dispute will be triggered and the escrow funds will be transferred back into your bank account.

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